The Best Automotive Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

Whether your car needs a little maintenance, or you just want to show it some extra love, now is your chance to do so. Amazon Prime Day 2021 is just around the corner, and car enthusiasts everywhere can rejoice.  From essentials to accessories, the opportunity for great deals is simply a click away.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

If Prime Day is unfamiliar to you, then you may find yourself a little confused. Basically, it’s a day dedicated to offering steep discounts exclusively to Amazon Prime Members. If you’re part of the community, you can save big on a variety of categories, including automotive.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

 The opportunity to take advantage of multiple automotive discounts is coming up fast! Prime day in the US begins on July 26th just after midnight (at 12:01AM PDT), and ends on July 27th (at 11:59pm PDT). While you’ll find the best deals on this day, you can also score some great bargains right now. In celebration of Prime Day, Amazon has been releasing new discounts daily.

How do I sign up for Amazon Prime?

There are a few steps you can, and may need, to take before you can take advantage of those Prime markdowns.

Become a Prime Member 

In order to have access to the great deals, you’ll need to be a Prime member. Membership does cost ($119 annually, or $12.99 per month. Cancel anytime.), but it’s a great investment. You receive free shipping on all orders, which quickly surpasses the fee.

You’ll also receive 2 day shipping on your items. Let’s face it; when your car surprises you with a new issue, you don’t want to waste any time correcting it. With fast shipping, you can take care of those problems without the headache. 

Don’t just take our word for it. You can sign up here for a 30-day trial and cancel at any time. Although, we believe your membership will last much longer.

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Finding Amazon Prime Day Best Deals

You won’t have to search very hard to find markdowns, but there are a few tricks that can help you along the way. You can also check out the Prime Day Guide anytime for a little extra help.

  • Download the free Amazon App – The App is what truly has all of the tricks for this Prime Day. Without it, you may miss out on some awesome chances to score your favorite products at incredible prices. 
  • If you’ve had your eye on something, but you’re not sure if it’s a Prime Day deal, don’t worry. You can drag the image of the item down into your wishlist. This handy tool will send you an alert if the particular product goes on sale. 
  • We mentioned how you can start stocking up right now. With the app, you can easily access Amazon’s “daily deals.” These are items being offered at a great price for short periods of time before the big day. 
  • Be Ready for Surprises – Don’t be discouraged if the one item your after isn’t showing up as a bargain. A lot of deals are not going to be released until the actual start of Prime day. Another reason to make sure you add them to your wish list.
  • Be Alert – As we said, new deals are happening all day, every day. This also means they’re disappearing. Be sure to check those “daily deals” frequently, so you don’t miss out. Some of the items we’ve already seen come and go include: motor oils, jump starters, and car organizers.

More Bang for Your Buck

In addition to the discounts, you have the opportunity to earn money back, or even get some “free” money.

Let’s talk Money

Sure, it’s free spending money, but more importantly it’s a chance for you to invest more in car.

  • $10 for the app – You’ll receive 10 dollars simply for signing into the app for the first time. It does take about 7 days to receive it, but it’s easy money.
  • Install Amazon Assistant – You can receive $10 off your next order of $50 or more just for doing so.
  • Earn a $10 bonus when you reload $100 or more to your Amazon Gift Card Balance for the first time.
  • Spend $10 at Whole Foods Market (either in store or on Prime now), receive $10 on Amazon for Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day Automotive Deals: early savings list

If your excitement is making it difficult to focus, we can help. Here’s a list of current, and upcoming, discounts you won’t want to pass up.

UPCOMING Prime Early Access Deals

Watch these upcoming deals. They start soon (and some are end quick!). Prime members get early access.

These deals are only a handful of the ones you’ll find on Amazon Prime Day. Remember to check back daily for updates, new coupons, and big price cuts.

Not the bargains you are looking for? Why don’t you download the free Amazon App, you can easily access Amazon’s “daily deals.” New deals are happening all day, every day. Use your wishlist “Watching” and it will send you a notification if the particular product goes on sale. You don’t have to be a Prime member to use this Amazon App, but In order to have access to the great deals you’ll need to be a Prime member.  

Do it for the Car

If you’ve been in denial about the work your car needs, you can finally stop. You don’t have to ignore those obnoxious screeches your car makes as you cruise through town. Take advantage of this Prime Day to truly invest in your car, without breaking the bank. Whether it’s for maintenance or upgrades, there’s a deal out there with your name on it.