Synthetic Oil Change – Things That You Should Know

You should change your motor oil at least once a year. It is the life blood of your engine and there are so many factors that you need to consider – low mileage, high mileage, low temperature, high temperature, slow driving, fast driving, resting, moving – doesn’t matter if you have the best or the worst motor oil, it will need changing this year – but suggest it be a Full Synthetic Motor Oil for that added protection!

A motor oil experiences one of the most severe operating environments of any oil. Not only has it too lubricate high and low speed metal-to-metal contact at high and low temperatures, it also has to manage the by-products of internal combustion engines!

Fuels could be gasoline, diesel, alcohol, CNG, LPG or combinations.

The composition of fuels varies so much but hydrocarbon fuel combusted with air will give you power to drive your engine and your car.

Do you know what type and quality of fuel you are buying?

Another subject!

In the internal combustion engine process, fuel and air is converted to carbon dioxide and water, well mostly. However, other by-products from air, impurities in the fuel and low quality motor oil produces varnish, sludge, corrosive acids & abrasive solids.

Additives such as detergents, dispersants, antioxidants, anticorrosion and acid-neutralising are included to enhance the overall performance of the Base Oil.

That is why a very good engine oil will darken quite quickly after an oil change as it is actually doing its job of both cleaning and keeping the impurities in “solution” so they don’t form any sludge deposits in your engine.

So although you may have had an oil filter change and oil change, the by-products are continually produced every time you drive your car. So, the engine oil needs to be changed along with the oil filter!

When do I change my oil?

Well, with synthetic oil, a lot longer than a conventional oil is a real possibility. This can save you both cost and time! You can learn more from our article What is the Best Synthetic Oil?

So many questions though and here are just a few:

A new car and are you still under warranty?

Follow your new car service guidelines re interval – but you can change oil to your choice anytime including synthetic. Did you know you can buy and bring your own oil for a service and request – please put this oil in! It should be OK!

Good synthetic motor oils should last at least double recommended oil changes under normal driving circumstances. You know, say 6,000 miles per year for frequent “longish” drives you could easily double to 12,000 miles without blinking.

My car is out of warranty period so when should I take it to a service centre to just change the oil?

First, make sure they have the oil you want. Suggest every 6 months (low mileage) or 12 months (high mileage).

Also note that a regular general service of your car is also very important for complete safety checks including brakes, tires, other fluids etc at least annually.

Oil change near me?

Again, make sure they have the oil you want.

Many service centres websites have a store locator tool to locate the stores near you with just a city or Zip input. They also offer oil change specials or coupons for discount.

For example, Jiffy Lube, Quick Lube, Mobil 1 Lube express, do offer oil change coupons and special discount.

With careful shopping, the premium product can be in a cheap oil change, or covered by an oil change coupon.

Can I extend the oil drain further?

Please follow car service book or oil marketer recommendations – otherwise you may have to move into engine oil laboratory analysis & expert interpretation specific to you!

To be honest, this will not be available to most people but is used extensively within the big transport & mining companies to monitor both oil and engine condition as well as industrial oil applications.


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    • Hi Galo: Very sorry for such a late response but lost track of your request. I have checked Castrol’s sites and they do not state what base oils they use for their Edge motor oils. You may have to ask them directly.

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