Best Car Air Filters

One of the most important requirements for the efficient operation of a car’s engine is good quality air. Such an aspect keeps the vehicle air conditioned so that the passengers travel in comfort. However, getting the ideal air filter for your car can be a daunting experience since there are so many brands. Below is a list of the best air filters for cars to help make your shopping experience enjoyable.

The Best Air Filters for Car


Brand & Product Name


Fram air filters

FRAM Car Air Filters

Mann Air Filter


K&N Air Filters

K&N Air Filters

Purolator Air Filter

Purolator Car Air Filters

ACDelco air filters

ACDelco Car Air Filters

Why do They Need to be Replaced?

If your car takes in contaminated air, the quality of its performance will be affected. A much more serious consequence, however, is that the dirt in your engine could cause it to get damaged.

From this background, you can see the importance of the best air filters for cars. By removing dirt before it destroys your fuel line and engine, they play a very important role. After being used for a period, your air filter will get dirty and require replacement.

How often it needs replacement will depend on the environment in which you drive the vehicle. Very dusty conditions mean more frequent replacements of the air filter. Mileage is also a factor; manufacturers recommend you change them after every 5,000 miles. However, most of the best air filters for cars go for up to 7,000 miles with no problem.

There are many brands of air filters out there, and this bewildering choice can be daunting to the buyer.

What to Consider

These are some of the considerations to make when deciding who makes the best automotive air filters.


A label that has been around for a long time means it is trusted. Over time, brand owners invest in research and product development. This will result in a superior product that has been improved over time.


More expensive air filters tend to be more efficient. This is due in part to the materials used in the manufacture. However, if the expense is not supported over an extended period, it might be more prudent to weigh between expense and functionality and find a compromise. Obviously, the more expensive your engine is, the more you should be prepared to spend to protect it.

Compatibility with other components 

Some manufacturers produce car parts that are compatible with only some particular models. If you choose an air filter manufacturer, it is possible they could also be producing other vehicle components that are likely to work well with an air filter that is compatible with them, but a different brand might not work well.

The best rated air filters for cars

1. FRAM Air Filters for Cars

This is the most popular brand when it comes to air filters. You will never fail to get the right air filter regardless of your car’s model and make. There is no way of mistaking a FRAM air filter since they are distinguished by their colors; bright orange and white.

It has an extra guard that comes with an aluminum mesh to cover the top part. This helps it to filter more and ensure that cooler air keeps flowing in.

Customers said that these air filters have led to a decrease in their MPG. One customer said that his car went from 25-27 MPG to 15-17 MPG.



  • They have an aluminum mesh cover for more functionality
  • Help keep your car engine cool so that it can run smoothly


  • They tend to be expensive

2. Mann-Filter

If you are searching for an air filter that will help remove water, dust, and other substances that might clog your engine, Mann-Filters are your best bet. They come in a range of color schemes, which makes it hard to differentiate them.

Mann-Filters tend to make a wide range of best car air filters that range from simple to premium styles. Just make sure you get the right size for your car model so that these filters can do their job efficiently.

Your vehicle will also benefit from reduced noise and increased fuel efficiency. Reviews have shown that MANN air filters work very well for European cars due to their good construction and efficient performance.


  • Help remove soot
  • One of the best air filters in the market
  • They help reduce intake noise


  • Tends to be pricey
  • Come in different sizes

3.K&N Air Filters

This is one of the best air filters when it comes to performance. It is one of those brands that manufacture high-quality and best performance air filter. K&N air filters are oiled and have a special material of cotton blend that helps you to get more air flowing through the filters.

You are required to re-oil the air filters after every 30,000 miles to maintain their efficiency and ensure that your car gets the proper filtration it needs. K&N filters have been reviewed as easy to install and long lasting by many happy customers.



  • High-performance air filters
  • The air filters are oiled for better air filtration
  • Comes with a special blend of cotton mesh material


  • Needs to be re-oiled for continued performance

4.Purolator Car Air Filters

It has been in the market for a long time and thus, passed the quality test. They manufacture air filters, keeping your vehicle’s efficiency in mind. Although they don’t have a wide range of air filters, their choices are excellent.

These products come with a tight seal to make sure all dirt is trapped and doesn’t slip. Make sure you get the right size for your vehicle’s make and model. According to reviews, one customer felt that due to the thick size of the rubber lip, it could tend difficult to replace the housing cover. He gave a tip that you should disconnect the vacuum tubes before removing the housing cover to avoid breaking them. 



  • Comes with a tight seal
  • They are of high quality


  • Not many options to choose from
  • They are pricey

Purolator Car Air Filters

5.ACDelco Car Air Filters

This company celebrated a century of being in the business in 2016. This is one of the oldest automotive companies to manufacture the important vehicles' components. Their air filters help enhance performance while increasing your car’s fuel efficiency.

A major complaint by users was that the height of these filters is shorter than expected but overall, they would buy it again and again. Lack of arrows to show direction could be a problem but it is easy to realize that you should read the letters right side up. 



  • Comes with tight seals all around to prevent dirt from getting through
  • They offer high performance and fuel efficiency


  • Tend to be pricey

ACDelco Car Air Filters

In conclusion, getting the best air filters for cars will ensure that your engine operates at its optimum for longer. It will also give you a smoother, safer drive. Before going for air filters, it is wise to browse through the different products on the market. The above brands are a great place to start with. Enjoy your driving!

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