The Best Way to Clean Car Windows

Beyond aesthetics and the classy looks, clean windows also help us have a clear view while on the road. So it is vital to find better ways of cleaning our car windows.

This article will show you the best way to clean car windows and more so that next time you are standing in front of your car window, it will be with joy and delight instead of disappointments.

Best way to clean car windows

Several means and modes of cleaning car windows are available to us. We make our choices based on our preference and on what’s available. 

However, our choice of the ways to clean our car windows should be based on what is required to keep the windows clean from dirt, free from streaking, and helping to maintain a sparkling look.

You could decide to take your car to the car wash to help you get the car windows clean. You could also choose to do it yourself at home to control how clean the car windows turn out. 

The best way to help you ensure your car windows are cleaned properly is to do it yourself using the appropriate cleaning products. However, if you do not have the time, you could look for a very professional place to get your car windows appropriately cleaned.

How to clean car windows

Cleaning car windows may seem to be the least important task when it comes to cleaning your car. But it entails much more. It involves removing dirt, bug splatters, bed droppings, and all sorts of sores of the eye from your car’s windows.

The windows of our car are our eyes to seeing what’s happening outside as we drive through the city day and night. If they’re not clean, it could hinder our visibility. Hence, it is vital to understand how to clean car windows properly.

Cleaning car windows starts from picking the right supplies. These include; car window squeegee,  microfiber cloth, and car window cleaner. Afterward, the steps to cleaning your car windows are:

  • Firstly, prepare the windows for washing by removing leaf debris, dust, and all sorts of dirt using a vacuum.
  • This vacuum-assisted dirt removal is followed by the use of water and a little soap or vinegar (if you want to go organic or otherwise) to wash your windows.
  • Gently scrub the windows with your microfiber cloths or sponge in an up to down pattern to ensure that all dirt is reached and effectively removed.
  • After scrubbing the windows, rinse with water and dry them off with a separate microfiber cloth. Using a different microfiber cloth ensures that dirt is not reintroduced to the windows after washing.
  • Spray the car window cleaner onto another fresh piece of microfiber cloth. Use it to clean the already washed window to target and remove tough stains.
  • Clean the front and rear windows first before proceeding to cleanse side windows. The front and rear windows are more prominent and easier to clean.
  • When you finish cleaning the side windows, slide them down. Proceed to clean the top edges that are not easily accessible to ensure they are clean and reduce their chance of being streaked.
  • If you need to clean a particular spot after washing, use car wipes exteriorly to eliminate any stain you overlooked

Car window squeegees are used to clean and remove washing solutions for the windows concurrently. This video show you how to use them.

Become a squeegee master

How to clean inside of the windshield

The visibility of the road is greatly enhanced when you have a clean inside windshield. This part of the windshield, depending on your car usage, can accumulate dirt when you are on the drive. So it is vital to maintain a clean inside windshield. 

You can achieve this by using your glass maintenance kit, which should include; glass cleaner, microfiber cloth, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol (in the place of a glass cleaner).  Steps to ensure the appropriate and adequate cleaning of the windshield are:

Steps to ensure the appropriate and adequate cleaning of the windshield

  • Cleaning your windshield from the passenger seat enables you to reach every angle comfortably. The driver seat is behind the steering wheel and would deny you the ease of getting all the windshield angles.
  • Although cleaning from the passenger seat enhances your reach, some parts of the windshield could still be inaccessible. They’d require you to use an interior windshield cleaner.
  • Use the appropriate materials mentioned above in cleaning the windshield to avoid scratching its surface and to ensure its sparkling.
  • Clean the windshield last after you clean the other parts of your car. This order of business gives you enough time to clean gently and appropriately.
  • Avoid cleaning the windshields with used rags. Make sure you use clean rags to avoid soiling the windshield with dirt, oil, or grease from other cleaning processes.
  • Avoid applying glass cleaner to the windshield directly. Apply it on the microfiber before using it to clean instead.
  • Windshields are susceptible to developing streaks when subjected to improper and impatient cleaning. As such, it is essential to clean judiciously and effectively.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to wash your inside windshield.

Tips To Cleaning Inside Of Car Windshield

How to clean car windows without streaks

Cleaning windows without streaks may seem impossible, especially when you factor in the frequency at which streaks appear after cleaning your windows. However, steps can avoid streaks and maintain a sparkling window. These steps include:

  • The lesser the soap, the better: Making use of soap to clean is easily the most common way used in maintaining windows. However, using less soap or replacing the soap with vinegar or rubbing alcohol is better and most preferable. The less soap used, the fewer streaks left on the window after cleaning.
  • Clean your windows adequately: It is very tempting to want to rush and blitz your way through cleaning your window. While this saves you time, it increases the chances of getting your window streaked. Take your time and clean your windows judiciously.
  • Keeping your car in the shade:  Streak lines may sometimes form when your car is parked under direct sunlight while you are washing it. This streaking could be because of the sunlight or the cleaning agent on your window. So it is advisable to keep your car in the shade and away from sunlight when you are cleaning the windows. It also helps to thoroughly wash and wipe the cleaning agent before it dries out against the windows.
  • Using a microfiber material: This is a significant determinant when maintaining your windows. Microfiber materials can fully absorb water. So they can help to clean both the outsides and insides of your windows effectively without the risk of streaks.
  • The lesser the soap, the better: Making use of soap to clean is easily the most common way used in maintaining windows. However, using less soap or replacing the soap with vinegar or rubbing alcohol is better and most preferable. The less soap used, the fewer streaks left on the window after cleaning.
  • Clean the inside windshield appropriately:  The appropriate cleaning of the windshield is made possible by cleaning from the passenger seat. This seat provides easy access across the windshield compared to cleaning from the driver’s seat, which holds the steering wheel. This easy access helps you clean the windshield effectively.
How to Clean Car Windows Streak Free: The Nature of Car Glass!

How to clean a mirror without Windex

Without an iota of doubt, Windex is one of the best glass cleaners you can use in cleaning your mirror. But there are times when you would not have access to Windex—leaving you at the mercy of DIYs. 

Hence, the question of how to clean your mirror without glass cleaners naturally occurs.  Thankfully, various means of cleaning mirrors exist. These include:

  • Water: This is the cheapest form of DIY replacement for Windex. Although it is ineffective in removing tough stains like glass cleaners such as Windex, it does the job, especially when a decent level of regular cleaning has been put in place.
  • Liquid Dish Soap:  Another easily accessible substitute for Windex is liquid dish soap. The mixture of the liquid soap and water is a mild and gentle solution that can foster a clean and stain-free mirror.
  • Baby Wipes: Baby wipes can be used as car wipes when required. These wipes are a practical option, but unlike other items on this list, they are more suitable for spot cleaning. The reason for this is their relatively small surface area. This size makes baby wipes unsuitable for cleaning large areas at a go.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar is also a very effective DIY replacement option for Windex. Like all of the items mentioned above, Vinegar is as effective as glass cleaners when you use it properly. Ideally, It is mixed in an equal ratio with water before use.

Besides baby wipes, all other DIY cleanings will require the use of a microfiber cloth to avoid having streaks on the mirror after cleaning it.

What is the best thing to clean car windows with?

The choice of cleaning products to use depends on your preference and whatever is available when you need to clean your car windows. However, certain products are more preferred to others. This preference is based on what will help your car window maintain a sparkly look and help you enhance visibility while on the road. 

Car Window Cleaner

Sometimes, soap or vinegar doesn’t remove all stains and dirt. As such, a different product may be required to remove these tough stains to help you complete the cleaning process successfully. 

These products are used in the effective removal of tough stains when required. They are, however, not to be applied directly to the windows as they could prove difficult to remove altogether, which could ultimately result in the streaking of your car windows.

Car window cleaners such as Chemical-Guys-CLD30016 help you remove the tough stains that remain after cleaning with soaps. They also leave your car with a pleasant-smelling fragrance. 

Microfiber Cloth

When using materials in washing or gently scrubbing off the dirt from your car windows, it is essential to choose fabrics with tight weaves that won’t leave streaks or fibers on your car windows. They should be absorbent to aid them efficiently remove specks of dirt from the car.

Microfiber cloth like this is ideal for cleaning your car windows effectively.

This video shows how to use a microfiber cloth appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Windex on car windows?

Generally, yes. You can use Windex on car windows. However, if your windows are tinted, it’s advisable not to use Windex on them. Ammonia, a constituent of Windex, can damage the anti-scratch layer of the tint.

Can you use Vinegar to clean car windows?

Yes, you indeed can. Vinegar comes highly recommended for products used to clean car windows. It is organic and therefore offers a safer and less harsh option to cleaning windows.  

What household products can you use to clean car windows?

Among household products used to keep car windows clear are; Cornstarch, Vinegar, rubbing alcohol, baby wipes, spray container, water, and microfiber cloth.  

Can you use a paper towel to clean the car window?

No. Although paper towels appear or feel smooth and can easily absorb water, their surface is crude and not designed to clean windows. 


Finding the best way to clean car windows is a must when you want to maintain your car’s classy aesthetic look. It also enhances your driving experience to see the road and other road users. This driving experience helps prevent discomforts that could lead to accidents on the road.

While it is essential to have your car windows sparkling clean, free from dirt, bug splatter, and streaks, it is vital to choose the best way and the right cleaning products to clean them to achieve this result. The choice of the best ways of cleaning your car’s windows doesn’t only save energy but also time. 

As such, it is vital to choose the best products available on the market when you go shopping for them. 

It would be best if you endeavored to check out our article on Finding the Best Windshield Washer Fluid to get more information on ensuring your windshield’s cleanliness. 

Your car windows are your eyes to the world on the road. Take care of them, and they will surely take care of you too.

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