The 4 Best Air Filters for Cars to Buy

One of the most important requirements for the efficient operation of a car’s engine is good quality air. Such an aspect keeps the vehicle air conditioned so that the passengers travel in comfort. However, getting the ideal air filter for your car can be a daunting experience since there are so many brands. Below is…

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Fundamentals of Grease

When man first invented the wheel there was a need for lubrication, and through the ages as technology advanced lubrication has kept pace. Origin of Grease Use We know for a fact that as early as 1400 BC, grease made of a combination of calcium and animal fat was used to lubricate chariot wheels. However,…

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The Best Synthetic Grease for Complete Automotive Care

Some automotive greases are good for low-temperature applications only. These general-purpose greases may work for ball joints, perhaps even wheel bearings, but they will need changing sooner rather than later. The best synthetic grease will outlast any conventional one. Choosing the right one is not all that complicated. We’ll share some of the top-rated synthetic…

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