The Best Automotive Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

Whether your car needs a little maintenance, or you just want to show it some extra love, now is your chance to do so. Amazon Prime Day 2021 is just around the corner, and car enthusiasts everywhere can rejoice.  From essentials to accessories, the opportunity for great deals is simply a click away. What is…

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Particle Counting

This technique is typically used for critical hydraulic and turbine systems which have very small clearances, e.g. servo valves. It can also be used to look for early signs of bearing wear or evaluating equipment filter performance.  There are three basic methods used, Automatic Optical Particle Counting (ISO 11500), Optical Microscopy (ISO 4407), and Pore…

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Oxidation and Nitration in Used Oil Analysis

Both oxidation and nitration can be determined using the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) method, which is also used to determine water content as discussed in a previous article.  As you can see from the FTIR scan below both oxidation and nitration give individual peaks from which their level can be determined. There are various FTIR…

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Water Content in Used Oil Analysis

Water contamination in oil can be extremely detrimental as it can cause any of the following: Rust/corrosionSludge formationIncrease in oil oxidationDecrease in fatigue life (bearings, gears)Increased wearReduced additive protectionFilter plugging Sources Water contamination can come from various sources such as: CondensationLow temperature engine operationInter/after cooler of air compressorsLeakage (oil coolers)IngressWater in the new oilCombustion gas…

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Top 5 Best Car Amplifiers for the money

Adding an amplifier to a car audio system is not only about producing louder volumes, though it will certainly do that. Amplification of audio signals increases their dynamic range and will bring out musical details that cannot be heard without it. The best car amplifier will produce deep bass and crystal-clear highs, even at louder…

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The Best Headlight Restoration Kit

When a car is new, the plastic lenses on modern vehicles are crystal clear. Over time, though, these lenses can become hazy or crackled. Not only is this unsightly, but it also can be dangerous. Headlights in this condition often work poorly, making nighttime driving unsafe.Luckily, there are many products on the market that can…

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