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Our in depth reviews of synthetic products. Plus information for synthetic related topics.

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Our Synthetic Reviews

What is the Best Synthetic Oil?

Finding the best synthetic motor oil for your car or motorcycle can be tough. I have put together this resource to help you find the best synthetic oil

What is the Best Synthetic Oil?
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About Me.

Hi I'm Gary! I'm retired in 2011 after almost 39 years in the oil industry. I've been involved with Oil Industry Associations, Engine and Equipment Builders, Automotive Manufacturers, Racing Teams and Customers. Specializing in Automotive Engine Oils. I've worked in and visited countries and markets all over the Globe. My knowledge and experience will help you choose the best synthetic oil. 

From the comments


" I’ve run Royal Purple in my v twins over 20 years now ….. prices are actually 25-33% lower now than 20 years ago but with this info think I will be switching to Mobil 1 in my 2016 Electra Glide Ultra Glide Classic."


" I’m getting a new transmission and want to use moble one synthetic….2013 Dodge caravan or just stick with conventional?"