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Hi, I'm Gary and I have almost 39 years in the oil industry. I love helping people when it comes to oil and related. 

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Best Synthetic Motorcycle Oil Review
Synthetic motorcycle oil - this is a huge market and very competitive as there are just so many brands & claims. Plus, bikers are so much closer, touchier and feelier with their bikes and what they buy, modify and use, it is a much more personal decision & choice.
What is the Best Synthetic Oil?
Finding the best synthetic oil for your car or motorcycle can be tough. I have put together this resource to help you find the best synthetic oil and with my experience will help you make an informed decision on what to use next or confirm that you may already be using the best.

Used Oil Analysis:

Used Oil Analysis – How It Can Help Maintain Your Equipment
Taking an oil sample from your equipment is like taking a blood sample. Just as a blood sample can show that your blood is ok and that your organs are working correctly or that there are potential problems, so too can an oil sample show the same for your oil and equipment.

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Hi I'm Gary, the Technical Author and retired in 2011 after almost 39 years in the oil industry. I have a Diploma in Applied Chemistry after completion of my Tertiary Education. Started employment as an Industrial Chemist for a Multinational Oil Company remaining with them including...[Read More]

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